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Adventure Game Combat uses interpreter version 2.917.



AGICombatSS1.png AGICombatSS2.png


Have you ever wondered what would happen if Sonny Bonds from Police Quest came across Manannan from Kings Quest III? What would happen if Roger Wilco from Space Quest ran afoul of Jerrod from Gold Rush? Now you can find out in Adventure Game Interpreter Combat! Inspired by the classic Sierra adventure games of yesteryear, Adventure Game Interpreter Combat pits heroes and villains from your favorite games against each other in a battle to the death. Written in the original Adventure Game Interpreter style, programming, and graphics, Adventure Game Interpreter Combat really is a look back at a relic from the past. Enjoy challenging your friends, or your enemies as the case may be, in this high impact combat game!



Disclaimer: This is a fan made game. Although I have personally drawn all the characters used in Adventure Game Interpreter Combat, they are based on characters from classic Sierra adventure games. I do not own any any of the characters (Bonds, Troll, Manhunter, Taran, Wilco, Donald, Hero, Manannan, Khaveen, Graham, Jarrod, Mother Goose) or classic games (Quest for Glory, Quest for Glory II, Kings Quest, Kings Quest II, Kings Quest III, Kings Quest IV, Police Quest, Space Quest, Donald Duck's Playground, Mixed-up Mother Goose, Manhunter, Gold Rush!) represented and they remain the property of Sierra.





  • No walkthrough available.


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