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Other Commands
By Chris Cromer


configure.screen(a, b, c);

Sets position of lines on the screen:
a = 1 (minimum line number for print);
b - user input line;
c - status line.


Prints a message for the object Var (n):
Obj [number] x: [coordinate] y: [coordinate] pri: [priority] stepsize:


Displays a report of the interpreter memory status.


Shows priorities of the screen pixels. Priority n is shown as color number n (see color setting commands in I.


In the center at the bottom of the screen a cel 0 of loop 0 of the View resource n is shown. In the center of the screen, a message associated with the View resource is printed.

That's what they say but I suspect they mean OBJECT n, not View resource.

Actually, in this case the argument does refer to the View resource. This is because the View in question isn't meant to be a controlled object but instead is simply the picture and textual description of the an inventory item.


The screen shakes n times.


The last line entered by the user is displayed in the input line.


Input line is cleared.


If there is a text window on the screen, it is removed.

open.dialogue(); close.dialogue();

Enables and disables get_string and get_num commands if prevent_input has been issued.;

Restarts the game from the very beginning.;;

These command save and restore the current state of the game into disk files


Stops the interpreter until any key is pressed.


Exits the interpreter.

If n = 1, quits immediately

If n = 0, asks "Press ENTER to quit.", "Press ESC to continue.";

Initialize joystick.


Switch RGB monitor into the graphics mode.


Usually the crossing by an object of various areas and lines is tracked by the base point (bottom right corner) of its cel. After this command, top left corner is used as such a point.


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