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AGI "DiskFree" Decryptor
Version 1.1

Author: Cold Turkey

Latest Version:  1.1
Release Date:  2014/12/12
Company: N/A
Publication Status:  Published
Developer(s): Cold Turkey
Language: C
Open Source:
Source Availability: 
Platform: Windows, DOS
Type: Misc
Localization: English


Ever tried to play one of your old keydisk AGI games in DOSBox? It doesn't work. Not even if you create an image file and run it from that. DOSBox just doesn't have the right routines to access your floppy drive in the low level manner needed to extract the decryption key. Sure you could load up SUP and find an old DOS machine to decrypt all your games, but that is a lot of work! ADFD decrypts protected files without having to read the original keydisk. Works from backups/installs of protected games (even on your hard drive), or you can execute it right on your original floppies (yikes!).

With a modified version of SUP, I was able to grab the decryption key off an old AGI game and compile it into the code of Brian Provinciano's AGI Decryptor. A few source code tweaks later and all was good. Versions for Windows, Dos16 (aka real mode) and Dos32 (aka protected mode) have all been compiled.

Now it's time to finally play all your ORIGINAL AGI games in DOSBox. Make sure to set the Machine to Tandy so you get amazing 3 channel sound too!



Copy this .exe into the folder of your protected game. Running the decryptor .exe alone will search for "" (to find the key offset), and will create a decrypted AGI file called AGI.EXE (the file you will use to run your game). If your loader is named something other than "", you just run the decryptor with that loader filename as the argument. It has not failed me yet!


Download from here:


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