AGI Interpreter Upgrader

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AGI Interpreter Upgrader
Current Version:  1.1 (bugfix)
Release Date:  Late September 2017
Developer(s): Cold Turkey
Language: C
Platform: DOS and Modern Windows
Type: AGI Tools
Localization: English

AGI Interpreter Upgrader

Author: Cold Turkey

Late September 2017



  • Fixed bug where 2.43x interpreters are detected as newer than 2.917

Upgrades AGI interpreters 2.411 - 2.915 to version 2.917. Interpreters 2.917 and later are needed to properly play games with Tandy sound on EGA/VGA based systems.

Executables for both DOS and Windows are provided.


There have been some recent remakes of Covox compatible sound devices that plug into the printer port. Many moons ago a program named "temu" was written that can emulate Tandy sound using the Covox. Temu works great with AGI games when using the "-t" command line argument to start them, but graphical anomalies can occur on EGA/VGA systems when using an interpreter older than 2.917. The Nerdly Pleasures blog has a great article on how to update Sierra interpreters, but this requires users to manually copy files and then use a hex editor to change some values. This program simply takes care of all of those steps.



Copy the .exe matching your operating system to the folder of the AGI game that you'd like to update. Then from the command line run the exe. It will tell you what interpreter you are currently using. If you are already at 2.917, it will confirm that you want to do the upgrade. If you are at a version later than 2.917 or earlier than 2.411 it will not perform the upgrade. After validation of the current interpreter, the program asks you to pick the name of the game you are upgrading. You can also enter your own game id if you've got some weird homebrew AGI game.

Old interpreter files are backed up to the "backup" folder inside the game directory.

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