AGI Picture Command Repeater

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AGI Picture Command Repeater
Version 1.02 Beta

Author: Joel McCormick

AGI Picture Command Repeater
AGI Picture Command Repeater Screenshot
Latest Version:  1.02 Beta
Release Date:  2001/12/06
Company: N/A
Publication Status:  Published
Developer(s): Joel McCormick
Language: C++
Open Source: Closed
Source Availability:  No
License: None
Platform: Windows
Type: Picture
Localization: English
Website: (Web Archive)

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Joel McCormick's AGI Picture Command Repeater is a tool to quickly repeat a picture operation over and over. Nice if you want to display a brick wall.

"The AGI Picture Command Repeater, which I call AGI Repeat for short, is a small utility that I created after drawing a brick wall for Jen's Quest. Drawing the wall was tedious enough, but I decided I wanted to add highlights to the bricks. The task was incredibly boring, so I got to thinking it would be nice if there were some way to just draw something once and then repeat it at certain intervals across the picture resource. As far as I know, there wasn't any such utility, so I wrote it myself. The utility is not as feature rich as it could be (for example, I think it would be cool if an entire group of commands could be repeated), but at the moment I'm too involved with other projects to work on this thing anymore, and it is reasonably useful the way it is.

"Although this program is technically a beta release, it has been available for months, and I have yet to receive any bug reports or find any bugs myself, so it is fairly safe to download and use it. Just make sure you read the Readme.txt file that comes with it."


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