Abrah, l'orphelin de l'espace

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Abrah, l'orphelin de l'espace

(Abrah, the Orphan of Space)
Abrah, l'orphelin de l'espace

Abrah, l'orphelin de l'espace
Title Screen

Release Date: Sept. 02, 2002
Project Status: Completed
Developer(s): Robin Gravel
Publisher: Robin Gravel
Designer(s): Robin Gravel
Source Available:  No
Category: Game
Type: Full
Genre: Adventure
Theme(s): Science Fiction
Engine: AGI2
CP Scheme: N/A
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platform: MS-DOS
Localization: French
Website: http://agisite.zxq.net/abrah.htm (archive.org)


Robin Gravel's Abrah, l'orphelin de l'espace uses AGI interpreter 2.936. Help Abrah fighting a mad scientist and exploring the planets. Warning: contains bloody scenes.


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The beginning of the game: You are Abrah, prisoner of the evil Grostesteing. First you must eliminate your master and leave the base. Explore the base from top to bottom to find a secret passage. Many objects are hidden in drawers, in wardrobes etc. You will also have to endure the whims of Johnatan, Grostesteing's nephew.

When you leave the planet of Grostesteing you have a choice of two planets: Mono and Venusia. Each planet offers you different adventures. On Venusia, an old couple found you in your ship and they decide to adopt you as their child. But the price of their rent has increased and they will not be able to keep you any longer. Will you help them? On Monochrome (or Mono), everyone broods ... (and white). A named priest Rozama has bewitched all women on the planet and men are at his mercy. You must save them.


The game includes an Arcade sequence if you can find it.



  • No walkthrough available.


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