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The command allows you to add a view to the visual picture screen in memory.

Syntax vVIEW, var vLOOP, var vCEL, var vX, var vY, var vPRI, var vMGN);


[Cel] vCEL of [loop] vLOOP of view vVIEW is drawn on the picture at vX, vY with a priority of vPRI. The priority argument can be used to add views behind other parts of the picture.

This command works exactly the same as, except all arguments are passed as variables; see the command topic for detailed information on this command.

Possible Errors

Same as


load.view(9); [ ensure view is loaded
v200 = 9;
v201 = 0;
v202 = 0;
v203 = 20;
v204 = 120;
v205 = 14;
v206 = 2;, v201, v202, v203, v204, v205, v206);
[   first cel of first loop of view 9
[   is added to current picture at position (20, 120)
[   with priority 14, and an alarm line (MARGIN = 2)
[   is drawn along bottom row of the cel on the priority screen
discard.view(9);  [ discard view after adding it

Technical Information

Required Interpreter Version: Available in all AGI versions.
Byte-Code Value: 123 (0x7B hex)

See Also

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