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The command appears to affect 'click to move' functionality in the later versions of AGI.



The details of this command are still not fully known. The information provided here may not be accurate.

It has been reported this command sets a reserved flag , although the exact flag number is not known. This flag would be used in conjunction with the mouse to support 'click to move' functionality. ('Click to move' means the user clicks a point on the AGI screen, and ego will automatically move to that point, stopping once it arrives.)

This command is not known to exist in any MS-DOS version of AGI.

Possible Errors




Technical Information

Required Interpreter Version: Unknown
Byte-Code Value: 182 (0xB6 hex)

According to several AGI websites, this command is supposed to be available in "the last versions of AGI version 3", however, there are no known MS-DOS based versions that have this command. Which platforms and which version numbers support this command is not yet known. WinAGI does not support this command.

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