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The command enables or disables display of the menu.

Syntax A);


This command allows for additional control over the display of the menu. Calling the command with A = 0 resets an internal menu control value to FALSE; using a non-zero argument sets the internal value to TRUE. This internal value is TRUE by default when AGI starts.

When AGI attempts to display a menu (after a call to the menu.input command with reserved flag f14 (menu enabled) set to TRUE), it checks the value of the internal '' flag; if it is FALSE, then the menu is not displayed.

Possible Errors

Keep in mind that once menu.input successfully triggers the menu, AGI will continue attempting to display the menu in every interpreter cycle until is succeeds. So once menus are 're-allowed' by the command the menu will immediately be displayed at the start of the next cycle.


[ assume a menu has been created and submitted
[ and f14 is set;  [ menu is disabled
menu.input();   [ this menu input command tells AGI to show the menu
                [ but with menu disabled, it will not display the menu
...;  [ menu is re-enabled; at the start of the next 
                [ cycle, the menu will be displayed

Technical Information

Required Interpreter Version: 3.002.086 and above
Byte-Code Value: 177 (0xB1 hex)

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