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A hacked interpreter is an unofficial version of AGI that has been modified to add functionality that was not available in the official versions of the interpreter.

Most, if not all, of the hacked interpreters work by changing the interpreter so that certain bytecodes are interpreted differently than they would be in a normal interpreter. The hacked interpreter that supports changing the palette, for example, alters the shake.screen functionality from the original interpreter, to allow the palette functionality.

Without exception, the hacked interpreters require the player to have a copy of the hacked interpreter in order to play the game the way the author intended.

Hacked Interpreters

See each hacked interpreter's article for a description of what the trade-offs for using the hack are.

AGI Mouse - allows a point-and-click interface in an AGI game
AGIPAL - allows color palettes other than the default
AGI256 - allows 256 color background images in AGI
AGISB - plays sounds through a Sound Blaster card instead of the internal speaker
AGI-MIDI - plays sounds through a General MIDI sound card instead of the internal speaker


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