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The close.dialogue command affects how get.string and get.num commands operate when AGI is run on a system using a Hercules Graphics Card (HGC).




The default behavior for get.string and get.num commands on an HGC monitor is to display an input box, similar to the one used for normal player input. The open.dialogue command will cause get.string and get.num to operate the same way as on other displays, meaning get.num will use the input line and get.string will display the prompt according to the row and column argument values.

The close.dialogue command restores default behavior.

This command has no effect if called while running on a non-HGC monitor. AGI will just ignore it. Unless you are intending to run on an HGC monitor, this command has no usefulness.

In the last version of AGI (3.002.149), support for the close.dialogue and open.dialogue commands was removed. The commands were directed to a null function, and calls to these two commands had no effect.

Possible Errors



[ assume AGI is running on a monochrome system
get.string(s5, "Enter a string", 5, 5); [ get.string works as if on a non-HGC system 
get.string(s5, "Enter a string", 5, 5); [ get.string displays an input box on an HGC system

Technical Information

Required Interpreter Version: Available in version 2.411 through 3.002.107.
Byte-Code Value: 164 (0xA4 hex)

Support for this command was removed in version 3.002.149

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