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Dashiki Title Screen

Release Date: Nov 8, 1998
Project Status: Abandoned
Developer(s): John Collier
Publisher: John Collier
Designer(s): John Collier
Source Available:  No
Category: Game
Type: Demo
Genre: Adventure
Theme(s): Mystery
Engine: AGI2
Platform: MS-DOS
Localization: English


John Collier's Dashiki uses interpreter version 2.917. A second version uses interpreter version 2.936 with AGI Mouse and AGI256.


16 Color Version

DashikiSS1.png DashikiSS2.png

AGI256 Version

Dashiki256SS1.png Dashiki256SS2.png


You are trying to find your way to New York City, but rather find yourself in a desert. Not much to do yet, but there is a "boy" who talks to you and says he'll give you info in trade for candy.


I can't really rank this game very high. It has a bit more plot than John's last attempt at a game (that is "The Grateful Dead Game"), but not very much. This game is too small to really review. The graphics are nice, except for the "boy" who is perched on a stone. It either looks like it's a boy a lot closer to the camera, or a giant, or a big cloud with a head. It needed some work. The technical aspects aren't really good at all. Few typed commands are understood. The worst aspect of this game however, is that it was abandoned so quickly. The author really needs to stick with a project.

John Collier is definitely a good artist, but other than the art, this game has nothing to offer. It is even smaller, and has less to offer than it's 16-color counterpart. Again, it suffers from a lack of understanding any commands. And again, it is just another unfinished game in a long line of unfinished games by John. I hope he gets his act together and sticks with a game, because I know he could make a good game.

- David Smith



  • No walkthrough available.

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