Embedding Audio and Video

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Embedding Audio

To be done.

KQ4AGI Dwarves Mine.ogg
KQ4 Dwarve's Mine

Embedding Video


Theora (OGV and OGG) is a Xiph.Org's (Vorbis audio format and the OGG container) free lossy video compression format, distributed without licensing fees. Videos can be encoded to Theora with the free MiniCoder batch encoder. The following code can be used to embed an OGV video. It uses the same code as images. The "thumbtime=" specifies what video frame to use for the thumbnail image.

[[File:SeasonedPro.ogv|thumb|thumbtime=0:02|320px|center|<div align="center">1990 Christmas Card - The Seasoned Pro (256 colors)</div>]]

1990 Christmas Card - The Seasoned Pro (256 colors)

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