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Enclosure Title Screen

Release Date: Oct. 09, 2002
Project Status: Completed
Developer(s): Template:FemoDuoEntertainmentDev
Publisher: Template:FemoDuoEntertainmentPub
Designer(s): Joker, HWM, DaMole (Femo Duo Entertainment)
Source Available:  No
Category: Game
Type: Full
Genre: Adventure
Theme(s): Supernatural
Engine: AGI2
CP Scheme: {{{CopyProtection}}}
ESRB Rating: {{{ESRBRating}}}
Platform: MS-DOS
Localization: English
Website: http://home.deds.nl/~femo


Enclosure uses interpreter version 2.917


EnclosureSS1.png EnclosureSS2.png


Mike Goodman is a con artist who lives with his girlfriend in a rundown apartment. Your job is to trick people into thinking you can contact the dead. You have no money and no real job. One day you meet a man called William Mayfield who offers you $10,000 to go with him to a remote ice station called Mary. You immediately accept, and next morning you are off. Destination: Greenland. It is suspected that there is a spirit haunting the station Mary. After first contact with the spirit, things start to go wrong, horribly wrong... (review partly taken from Reloaded.org)


You play Mike Goodman, a small-time con-man who, after yet another night of bad business, gets an offer he just can't refuse.



  • Walkthrough included in game download.

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