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For constancy through out the Wiki, whenever entering AGI code into the Wiki, please format any code like this:

<div class="CodeBlockHeader">Code:</div>
<div class="CodeBlockStyle">
<syntaxhighlight lang="agi">code goes here.</syntaxhighlight></div>

Which will result in this:

code goes here.

Syntax highlighting will automatically be added:

 AGI Template Game

You use it in lieu of 'pre' tags. Because it acts like <pre> tags it will preserve the code's formatting without having to add nonbreaking spaces (&nbsp;) or line breaks tags (<br />).

This will make the code much more readable while maintaining/editing it. Other language syntax highlighting can be used if the language is changed in the code in the syntaxhighlight tag. For example, to use C++ highlighting you would change it to:

<syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">

For a list of other language codes, see this table.

As usual, you can experiment with it on the Test page.