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by Nick Sonneveld

Last updated 9th March, 2002


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Lots of people ask questions like "I got this error when I ran my AGI game, and I don't know how to get around it.". This document's aim is to list all the known errors that you can generate through the AGI interpreter and possible workarounds.

There are basically two different types of errors:

  • Logic errors - These are caused by sending incorrect parameters to a logic command. Error messages are required to be printed by additional logic code.
  • Interpreter errors - Files missing, stack overflow, out of memory, etc - these are errors that can pop up any time. You can't use logic code to generate an error message so the interpreter takes over and does it itself.

Both types of errors aren't recoverable and the game will have to exit shortly after displaying the error. The reason for this is because it's got a quick hack to run logic.0 again but it's not expecting to return from logic.0, just exit.

NAGI, based very heavily on the original Sierra interpreter, shares a lot of the same errors. NAGI has it's own bunch of helpful warnings which are documented in it's own documentation. If there's demand, I'll document the errors/warnings of AGIL, NAGI and Sarien as well.

The tutorial will go through all the known available errors, suggest ways of getting around the majority of them and finally will have a list of helpful debugging techniques. The debugging techniques will be essential whenever you encounter a strange bug, but you are unsure of the whereabouts.


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Tutorials and Guides Table of Contents
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