Escape from the Desert

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Escape from the Desert

Escape from the Desert Title Screen

Release Date: Mar. 25, 1997
Project Status: Abandoned
Developer(s): Nuno Costa
Publisher: Nuno Costa
Designer(s): Nuno Costa
Source Available:  No
Category: Demo
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Genre: Adventure
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Engine: AGI2
Platform: #REDIRECT Template:DOS
Localization: English


Escape from the Desert uses interpreter version 2.917.


EscapeFromDesertSS1.png EscapeFromDesertSS2.png


You are an archeologist who crash lands in a desert. During your quest, you must go to desert towns, discover underground treasures, and save a girl! What more could you want from an adventure game!

- David Smith


The graphics aren't the best, but this is a decent enough work in progress. This is one of the earlier ones to be released and I enjoyed it. It understands a good amount of commands. One drawback of this game, is that sometimes the objects on the screen are not well-defined enough. They are both not drawn well enough for the player to recognize them and then not defined by general look commands. This leads to not being able to get objects that are needed to win unless you know what they are ahead of time. Despite this, the technical aspects are pretty good. The characters are interesting, as well as certain aspects of the Cretan town. It's unfortunate that this game was abandoned, but I believe Nuno has gone on to bigger and better projects, so perhaps we'll still see something great from him yet!

- David Smith

This is the first demo of the "Escape from the Desert" game. It is far from complete, and I know it contains many many bugs, but hey!, this is my first game using AGI. If you want to contact me (bugs, flames, praise), just email to The official homepage of "Escape from the Desert" is

The demo has an ending, and because the puzzles are more or less linear, you will reach the demo's end with all puzzles solved. Have fun! A walkthrough will be available on the website above, but it will spoil the fun of solving yourself this game. No sounds are included in this beta version.

Nuno Costa 3/31/1998



  • No walkthrough available.

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