Grateful Dead, The (Demo)

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The Grateful Dead Demo

The Grateful Dead Demo Title Screen

Release Date: Oct. 17, 1998
Project Status: Abandoned
Developer(s): Template:John Collier
Publisher: Template:John Collier
Designer(s): Template:John Collier
Source Available:  No
Category: Demo
Type: {{{Type}}}
Genre: Adventure
Theme(s): {{{Theme}}}
Engine: AGI2
CP Scheme: {{{CopyProtection}}}
ESRB Rating: {{{ESRBRating}}}
Platform: Template:MS-DOS
Localization: English


The Grateful Dead uses interpreter version 2.917.


GratefulDeadDemoSS1.png GratefulDeadDemoSS2.png


You are Jerry Garcia, and who knows what your quest is.


The graphics in this game are good. The intro scene with the band really is kicking. Unfortunately, it has little else going for it. You are Jerry Garcia walking around, and you have no real mission. No plot even begins to unfold, you just walk around. And, on top of that, virtually no entered commands are understood. There is a bird that flies around, but the game doesn't even understand bird. The scenes don't flow together either. But, this game is abandoned now, so it doesn't really matter. I hope, however, that the list of games that John Collier abandons doesn't grow any bigger.

- David Smith



  • No walkthrough available.

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