Hitler's Legacy Demo

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Hitler's Legacy Demo

Hitler's Legacy Demo Title Screen

Release Date: Jan. 21, 2001
Project Status: Abandoned
Developer(s): Template:Brian Corr
Publisher: Template:Brian Corr
Designer(s): Template:Brian Corr
Source Available:  No
Category: Demo
Type: {{{Type}}}
Genre: Adventure
Theme(s): {{{Theme}}}
Engine: AGI2
Platform: Template:MS-DOS
Localization: English


Hitler's Legacy uses interpreter version 2.917 with AGI Mouse.


HitlersLegacySS1.png HitlersLegacySS2.png




Hello. I hope you like the game. as of now, the game is merely a test for my interface, to get feedback and to see if you like it. I wanted to recreate SCUMM games, like Monkey Island 1-2, and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. I hope I have achieved this well. Not only this, i have created a "time scale". About every five minutes, an hour goes by in the game. Every hour you get hungry. If you go without food for eight hours, you die. Hunger, of course, will be stopped by eating. I have also included a health meter. This is self-explanatory. Feel free to sleep, and while away the time.

-- Brian



  • No walkthrough available.

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