Journey of Chef

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Journey of Chef

Journey of Chef Title Screen

Release Date: Oct., 2004
Project Status: Completed
Developer(s): Template:Eigen Lenk
Publisher: Template:Eigen Lenk
Designer(s): Template:Eigen Lenk
Source Available:  No
Category: Template:Competition
Type: {{{Type}}}
Genre: Adventure
Theme(s): {{{Theme}}}
Engine: AGI2
Platform: Template:MS-DOS
Localization: English
Website: (web archive)


The Journey of Chef, A.K.A. The Quest For New Job, uses interpreter version 2.936.


JourneyOfChefSS1.png JourneyOfChefSS2.png


The basic story of The Journey Of Chef Also Known As The Quest For New Job is that the chef (played by the chef) is working in a burger bar. But he doesn't like that job, and because of a stupid lady, he loses his job. Play the game to find out what happens next! Don't expect a sequel.


Game created for the first AGI game competition.



  • Walkthrough included in game download.

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