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About me

Hey, the name's Kon-Tiki (or Tiki for short... or Kon, as people seem to prefer) It's a pseudonym (who would've thought?), as my real name's Raf Vermeulen. I'm a Belgian that's in his 20s.

How I got to AGI

I've played games ever since I was a kid, and some of the first ones were King's Quest 3, Leisure Suit Larry 1 and the non-AGI (but same in style) Hugo trilogy. After playing those games for some time, I started dreaming of making them myself. That lasted for ages, until I stumbled across AGI Studio a few years ago.

Games by Kon-Tiki

I have yet to finish a game I've made, but there are already a few with my name on it.

Little Pirate

In Little Pirate, you play as Jake, a kid that's been kicked out of the house by his mom. He always wanted to be a pirate, so he sees this as his chance to become one.

This game's about 2/3rd done, but progress's been put on hold for now. Once I start on it again, I'll redesign some puzzles, take out quite some bugs and typos and redo some graphics, as all of this is quite embarrassing to me nowadays. It's still an enjoyable game, but the puzzles might be a bit tough, and some bugs are interfering with the game.

Little Pirate contains quite a lot of hidden commands I used to try as a kid when getting stuck in old adventure games. These are buggy as well, though.

Ninja Forever

My pet project, made in team, is Ninja Forever. Nothing's released of it yet, but it's coming along nicely. This game will be pushing the limits of AGI as well as giving an entirely new experience to adventure games. Stay tuned for it. Its webpage (well, more a log) can be found here: [1]

Tales of the Tiki

Tales of the Tiki is a collection of small games, which all started with Jiggy Jiggy Uh! Uh! I occasionally make a tiny game that's... quite odd, to say the least, with some key features like rhymes. At the moment, there are three of them: Jiggy Jiggy Uh! Uh!, Soka Soka Chachacha and Mala Schizala. Only Jiggy Jiggy Uh! Uh! has been officially released. Once I have one more such game, they'll get bundled into one game, called Tales of the Tiki. Stay tuned for it, at least if you're into oddities and weirdness.

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