Legend of Shay-Larah: The Lost Prince Demo

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Legend of Shay-Larah: The Lost Prince Demo

Legend of Shay-Larah: The Lost Prince Demo Title Screen

Release Date: Dec, 2002
Project Status: Abandoned
Developer(s): Jonathan Beckwith, Lawrence Beckwith
Publisher: Jonathan Beckwith, Lawrence Beckwith
Designer(s): Jonathan Beckwith, Lawrence Beckwith
Source Available:  No
Category: Demo
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Genre: Adventure
Theme(s): {{{Theme}}}
Engine: AGI2
Platform: Template:MS-DOS
Localization: English
Website: http://come.to/shay-larah/ (dead link)


The Legend of Shay-Larah: The Lost Prince demo uses interpreter version 2.917.


LegendOfShayLarahDemoSS1.png LegendOfShayLarahDemoSS2.png


The authors have changed the name of this game to "The Legend of Shay-Larah 1" which I think is a good idea. "Prinse Quest" sounded too, well, let's say generic. This new name is good. Besides that, the newest version has quite a few good improvements. There are more scenes, and each new scene seems to get better, and there is more action added in the existing scenes. This is all good. This game is shaping up to be something really to look forward to. Plot: I'm not exactly sure. It's a lot like King's Quest as close as I can figure it.

- David Smith


This game is a mixed bag. It has a few nice touches like the character gets darker when he walks under shadows. (Although there are a few places where the character stays dark after leaving the shadows). The scenes are also reasonably well drawn. There are a few awkward moments as the character moves between scenes. The understood commands are okay, but I would recommend a lot more be added. Also, spelling should be checked. i.e. Shield is misspelled. And I think that Prinse is misspelled also. (Unless that was on purpose???) However, overall, the game is done pretty well. It fits together. I'm sure that if the authors stick to it, it will be a good game.

- David Smith



  • No walkthrough available.

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