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Logic Wizard
Version 1.0

Author: Rainer de Temple

Logic Wizard
Logic Wizard Screenshot
Latest Version:  1.0
Release Date:  1998/08/19
Company: N/A
Publication Status:  Published
Developer(s): Rainer de Temple
Language: C++
Open Source: Open
Source Availability:  Yes
License: None
Platform: Windows
Type: Logic Tool
Localization: English
Website: http://www.cnl.com.au/users/rdt/


Logic Wizard is a program that will create template logic files for your Sierra AGI games that you are most probably creating with Peter Kelly's AGI Studio. All you have to do is enter in things such as a 'look' description, and let Logic Wizard do the rest for you.


Rainer de Temple wrote: "After thinking how I could make games easier and faster to create, I came up with the idea of the Logic Wizard. A one-page dialog, you would enter in common variables and strings used in the game to create a template for your logic. I had planned on continuing it to become a complete solution to creating games, but it quickly became superseded by Joel McCormick's (I think) similar program. After that I lost interest."


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