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Multiple Inventory Items
By Andrew Baker


In Voodoo Girl, I decided to give the player the ability to carry around more than one of each particular item. But how to do so?! I wracked my brain, stayed up all night, and pulled my hair out. Eventually, I just turned on my computer and typed in some code. Hmm, guess I should have tried that first.

First I added the name of my item as a variable in defines.txt:

#define moss v60

Then I created a new logic that is called from Logic.000 at the end of every cycle.


In the body of this new logic I wrote:

#include defines.txt
    if (moss > 0 && !has("moss"))
    if (moss == 0 && has("moss"))

Last, and certainly not least, to add a nice touch, I altered the description of my inventory in the view editor:

You have %v60 pieces of moss.

Just prefix the variable with % to have it print out with your show.obj() description or to embed it in a string (i.e. print("You have %60 pieces of moss");).

Happy coding!


Tutorials and Guides Table of Contents