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| Platform = {{MS-DOS}}
| Platform = {{MS-DOS}}
| Localization = {{English}}, {{French}}
| Localization = {{English}}, {{French}}
| Website = [http://agisite.zxq.net/rette3.htm http://agisite.zxq.net/rette3.htm]
| Website = http://web.archive.org/web/20120916051650/http://agisite.zxq.net/rette3.htm

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Naturette 3: Adventure in Treeworld

Naturette 3: Adventure in Treeworld Title Screen

Release Date: May 21st, 2003
Project Status: Completed
Developer(s): Template:Robin Gravel
Publisher: Template:Robin Gravel
Designer(s): Template:Robin Gravel
Source Available:  No
Category: Full Release
Type: {{{Type}}}
Genre: Adventure
Theme(s): {{{Theme}}}
Engine: AGI2
CP Scheme: {{{CopyProtection}}}
ESRB Rating: {{{ESRBRating}}}
Platform: Template:MS-DOS
Localization: English, French
Website: http://web.archive.org/web/20120916051650/http://agisite.zxq.net/rette3.htm


Naturette III: Adventure in Treeworld uses interpreter version 2.917 with AGI Mouse. In English and French


Naturette3SS1.png Naturette3SS2.png


A family vacation to Cid's camp takes a turn for the worse when Naturette is scooped up by a giant bird. Falling out of your clothes midflight, you land naked in, where else, Treeworld. Help Naturette to treat the ailing king of Treeworld to get back home.




  • No walkthrough available.

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