PCX2PAL for Windows

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PCX2PAL for Windows
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Type: Palette Utility
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PCX2PAL for Windows

Version 1.0
By Brian Provinciano
March 28th, 1999



Q. What does it do? A. PCX2PAL takes the palette from a 256 color PCX image and creates an AGI palette file for use with the AGI palette changing patch. A copy of the palette changing patch can be obtained from http://agisci.cjb.net.

Q. Is this program free? A. Yes. This program is freeware. You may distribute it freely as long as:

  1. All files, (even this readme file), are included in their original unchanged form.
  2. You may not accept money in exchange for this software for any reason.

Q. How can I contact you? A. You can email me at "bri_da_man@hotmail.com" with any questions, comments or bug reports regarding this program.

The zip file should contain the following files:

  • PAL.101 - The output palette of test.pcx
  • WINP2P.EXE - The main program
  • README.TXT - This file
  • TEST.PCX - A PCX file which uses the AGI palette to give an example of how the palette should be.