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Pharaoh Quest Demo

Pharaoh Quest Demo Title Screen

Release Date: Dec, 2007
Project Status: Abandoned

45% complete

Developer(s): Rainer de Temple
Publisher: Rainer de Temple
Designer(s): Rainer de Temple
Source Available: 
Category: Demo
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Genre: Adventure
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Engine: AGI2
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Platform: MS-DOS
Localization: English


Pharaoh Quest uses interpreter version 2.936. It features original music, and additional game features such as hotkeys and player statistics.


PharaohQuestDemoSS1.png PharaohQuestDemoSS2.png


Pharaoh Quest is an adventure game in the theme of ancient Egypt. It tells the story of a Pharaoh, who wakes up in the desert and must journey to regain his throne.


Rainer de Temple wrote: After playing Sierra's game Pharaoh, I got interested in the Egyptian Theme. I decided to just muck around in AGI, to see what I could do. Before I knew it, I had a game going, and I still work on it to this day. Currently the game features many innovative new features not done before in AGI such as Scores up to 2000, a 'black' menu bar, over 255 screens, mini-games, 'real' money, health and water meters, and will feature much more when complete.



  • No walkthrough available.

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