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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
* [[PICEDIT Tutorial 1|PICEDIT Tutorial]]
* [[Introduction to PicEdit]]
* [[PICEDIT Tutorial 2|Introduction to PICEDIT]]
* [[PicEdit Tutorial]]
* [[PICTURE Resource|PICTURE Resources]]
* [[PICTURE Resource|PICTURE Resources]]
* [[AGI Studio|AGI Studio]]
* [[AGI Studio|AGI Studio]]

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Author: Lance Ewing

PICEDIT is an AGI Picture resource-editor. It allows users to create pictures in a graphical user interface, somewhat based on the original Sierra version. Pictures are then saved to file, and are ready for import into an AGI game using a program such as AGI Studio or WinAGI.

"PICEDIT isn't just a tool for drawing AGI PICTUREs but is also a very useful tool for learning the AGI picture data format. And by loading pictures for the original AGI games, it is also a very useful tool for learning how to draw AGI pictures. Simply step through the picture and see how people like Mark Crowe drew the rooms for Space Quest."

Release Date:

  • Original Program, September 1997.
  • Source Code, 1998.
  • Java PICEDIT, 2010


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