Pirate Quest (A.K.A. Quest for Piracy) Demo

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Pirate Quest (A.K.A. Quest for Piracy) Demo

Pirate Quest (A.K.A. Quest for Piracy) Demo Title Screen

Release Date: 1998
Project Status: Abandoned
Developer(s): Ian C. Smith
Publisher: Macronics Online
Designer(s): Ian C. Smith
Source Available:  No
Category: Demo
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Genre: Adventure
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Engine: AGI2
Platform: #REDIRECT Template:DOS
Localization: English


Pirate Quest (A.K.A. Quest for Piracy) uses interpreter version 2. This demo is the first release of Quest For Piracy 1 (QFP), and does not include much, apart from foundation graphics and code. The code currently in the program mostly just the basic stuff needed in most AGI games. Currently there is nothing to do but look at the scenes and pick up some objects. Joystick support has been removed because most don't use the joystick when playing AGI games. Also the sound control has been removed.


PirateQuestDemoSS1.png PirateQuestDemoSS2.png


You are a pirate who is marooned on an island by your fellow mates. Now you must escape, get revenge and do some other things.


Unfortunately, most of the graphics in this game are ripped off. Two are taken from King's Quest II. And it looks like a few others are altered desert scenes from someone else's game. The one original scene of a house, doesn't look good at all. On top of that, the technical aspects are no good. There aren't any animations. In fact, the game has a fatal error at the beginning which doesn't even allow it to run. Also, the plot isn't very fleshed out. It's all described in one textbox and not mentioned again. Few to no commands are understood. I am not trying to be mean, but this game needed a whole lot of work. However, it has been abandoned anyway. I can tell Ian C. Smith is a nice guy, but with his next game, I suggest he put more effort into it. Perhaps it would be a good idea to work on the game with someone else. Let's see what else he makes.

- David Smith



  • No walkthrough available.

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