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From the official AGDS - Adventure Game Development System Documentation

Adventure Game Development System wrote: ROOM #0 contains the LOGICS that are common to the entire game, low level functions like "SAVE GAME," "HELP," etc. Instead of coding instructions to handle saving the game into every room, put it in room 0. DYNAMIC LOGICS are used for the same reason. They are rooms that have no picture, but process commands that occur in multiple ROOMs. Every ROOM that needs swimming can load a LGC.SWIM which deals with commands like SWIM, and standing ego up when he is no longer in water. It would be a nuisance and a waste of disk space to code this redundantly for each ROOM with water in it. If it were in ROOM #0 it would occupy ram even in ROOMs without water. Memory is valuable; anything that cuts down memory requirements is good!


Logic 0 is special, so a room number of 0 is not valid.


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