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Rainer De Temple



Hi my name is Rainer De Temple, I'm 24 years old, and have been on the AGI scene since 1997.

I live in Melbourne, Australia and work as a Design Engineer for a consulting company. My hobbies include Programming, Cars, and Social. I enjoy long walks along the beach in the moonlight... oops sorry wrong page.

I am also a regular on the Whirlpool forums, an Australian Broadband internet forum. It can be found at http://www.whirlpool.net.au.

I <was> a moderator for the <original> AGI Wiki.

Home Page

If you wish to contact me for help in the <former> Wiki, or just have a general AGI question, your best avenue is via the <former> AGI Messageboard

Games by Rainer De Temple

Although none are complete, I still try to remain active in all of my projects.

Title Year Credits
AGI Piano 1998 Designer
Escape Quest Demo 1998/09/21 Designer
Moon Patrol Designer
Pharaoh Quest Demo 2007/12 Designer
Renegade Designer

Tools by Rainer De Temple

Title Year Credits
Logic Wizard 1998/08/19 Developer


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