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The release.key command restores ego control keys to normal mode.




By default, when AGI starts, pressing and releasing a direction key starts ego moving. Ego will continue moving until a different direction key, or the 'stop' key ('5' on the numeric keyboard) is pressed.

The hold.key command changes this behavior such that while a direction key is pressed, ego will move in that direction. As soon as the key is released, ego will stop. The player must hold the key down for ego to keep moving.

The release.key command restores normal ego control behavior.

Possible Errors

Although the hold.key command was available beginning in version 2.911, the release.key command was not added until version 3.002.098. This means that if you use the hold.key command in an earlier version, you will not be able to go back to the default behavior for ego direction keys.


hold.key;      [ sets key behavior to hold mode
release.key(); [  resets key behavior to normal

Technical Information

Required Interpreter Version: Available in version 3.002.098 and above.
Byte-Code Value: 181 (0xB5 hex)

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