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The show.pic command copies the visual screen created in memory onto the actual display screen.




AGI does not draw picture resources directly to the screen. The draw.pic command creates the picture image in shadow memory, which is copied to the video display memory by the show.pic command.

The show.piccommand resets reserved flag f15 (no pause windows) before the image is displayed. It is not known why Sierra felt it was necessary to add this.

If the text screen is currently active, the show.pic command will not change the display mode to the graphics screen.

See the Working with Pictures topic for additional information on drawing and displaying picture resources.

Possible Errors



[ load and display the current room's picture:
load.pic(currentRoom);    [ first load the picture resource
draw.pic(currentRoom);    [ then draw the picture to memory
discard.pic(currentRoom); [ resource no longer needed, so discard it
show.pic();               [ now display the picture on screen

Technical Information

Required Interpreter Version: Available in all AGI versions.
Byte-Code Value: 26 (0x1A hex)

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