Sound Utilities

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Sound Utilities


Visual AGI

by: Joakim Möller and Gustaf Wennerholm

This is a beta release of the sound editor that was originally part of the Visual AGI package.


by: Ronnie Harpaz

A program for editing SOUND files used by Sierra On-Line's Adventure Game Interpeter.


by: Lance Ewing

A package of utilities mostly written by Lance Ewing. The included SND2MIDI utility was written by Jens Christian Restemeier. Includes Lance's SOUND resource documentation.


by: Lance Ewing

A DOS command line tool for converting a music file in the Adlib ROL Visual Composer format to an AGI SOUND resource.


by: Jens Christian Restemeier

A very simple program to convert an AGI Sound to MIDI.

Impulse Tracker to AGI Sound

by: Nat Budin

Converts Impulse Tracker modules to AGI sound resources. Requires a Perl

by: Alejandro Kapauan

MIDI to .ROL file converter.


by: Magnus Kristiansen

Utility to merge multiple sounds into one.


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