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Release Date: {{{ReleaseDate}}}
Project Status: {{{ProjectStatus}}}
Developer(s): {{{Developer}}}
Publisher: {{{Publisher}}}
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Use this template for release entries on the AGI Wiki.

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| ReleaseName = 
| image = [[Image:NoPicture.png|190px]]<br />
'' Title Screen''
'' Cover''
| ReleaseDate =
| ProjectStatus = {{Completed}}{{InDevelopment}}% complete{{Abandoned}}
| Developer =
| Publisher =
| Designer =
| Source =
| Category =
| Type =
| Genre =
| Theme =
| Engine =
| Platform =
| Localization =
| Website =


AGI Wiki ReleaseInfobox

ReleaseName  : Release's name
image  : Uploaded image, if none available, leave this empty and remove copy & paste-section's preliminary text
ReleaseDate  : Release's release date --
ProjectStatus  : Status of the game project -- N/A (For Sierra Games) -- Completed, InDevelopment, Abandoned (For fan games)
Developer  : Developer(s) of the release -- ArionDev, BerkeleyDev, BrightStarDev, CoktelVisionDev, DynamixDev, EvrywareDev, GameArtsDev, GreenThumbDev, HeadgateDev, IBMDev, ImpressionsDev, JeffTunnellProductionsDev, KonamiDev, OmnitrendDev, OnlineSystemsDev, PapyrusDev, ParkerBrothersDev, SierraDev, SierraOn-LineDev, SierraStudiosDev, SoftwareDynamicsDev, SubLOGICDev, SynergisticDev, TomahawkDev, VirginDev, YosemiteDev
Publisher  : Publisher of the release -- ArionPub, BerkeleyPub, BrightStarPub, CoktelVisionPub, DisneyPub, DynamixPub, EvrywarePub, GameArtsPub, GOGPub, GreenThumbPub, HeadgatePub, IBMPub, ImpressionsPub, JeffTunnellProductionsPub, KonamiPub, OmnitrendPub, OnlineSystemsPub, PapyrusPub, ParkerBrothersPub, SierraOn-LinePub, SierraPub, SoftwareDynamicsPub, SubLOGICPub, SynergisticPub, VirginPub, YosemitePub
Designer  : Designer(s) of the release -- RobertaWilliams, AllLowe, ScottMurphy, etc.
Source  : Specify if source code is available -- Source, NoSource
Category  : Category of release -- Game, App, Extra, or Demo
Type  : Type of release -- Full, FanFull, Demo, FanDemo, Mini, FanMini, Competition
Genre  : Release's genre -- Action, Adventure, Arcade, Childrens, CityBuilding, Edutainment, FlightSim, Puzzle, Racing, Simulation, Sports, Strategy, TechDemo, Trivia
Theme  : Release's Theme
Engine  : Engine used for release -- 3Space, AGI, AGI1, AGI2, AGI3, Darklands, DarkStar, DGDS, GOB, SCI, SCI0, SCI0.1, SCI1, SCI1.1, SCI2, SCI2.1, SCI3, SCI32, VirtualMachine, VirtualTheatre
Platform  : Platform(s) of release -- Amiga, AmstradCPC, AppleII, AppleIIGS, AtariST, Commodore64, Macintosh, MSDOS, PCBooter, PCjr, SegaCD, SegaMasterSystem, Tandy, Tandy1000, TandyCC3, Win3x, Win9x, WinNT
Localization  : Release's language(s)
Website  : Designer's Website