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The Time Quest demo uses interpreter version 2.



TimeQuestDemoSS1.png TimeQuestDemoSS2.png



You are a scientist who is on the verge of completing your time machine. With your wife "dying" only a few months earlier, life hasn't been so great recently, but perhaps that is all about to change. Now, with a completed time machine, you are flung through various times, on the ultimate quest of your life.



This work in progress is top-notch. The graphics are excellent. The technical aspects are really quite good and innovative (even beyond some of the stuff Sierra did). The set of understood games is also very good. Just about everything I wanted to type was understood. The puzzles in this game are also quite good and quite clever. I was especially impressed with the puzzle which required the player to manipulate the colored pieces around to match an exact configuration. The puzzles really do fit well into the game. The plot to is really quite interesting. After finishing this work in progress, I really wanted to find out what happened next. The only suggestion I can make for this game is a technical one. There are a few doorways which the character walks through, and then in the next scene, they walk through the same doorway again. I remember this happening in the downstairs of the house right in the scenes in front of the door. However, this game is really good, on the top list.

- David Smith





  • No walkthrough available.
  • ZIP File Walkthrough (ZIP file) []
  • Walkthrough included in game download.


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