Visual AGI Sound Editor

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Visual AGI Sound Editor
Version beta8

Author: Joakim Möller and Gustaf Wennerholm

Visual AGI Sound Editor
Visual AGI Sound Editor Screenshot
Latest Version:  beta8
Release Date:  2002/07/10
Company: N/A
Publication Status:  Published
Developer(s): Joakim Möller, Gustaf Wennerholm
Language: C++
Open Source: Open
Source Availability:  Yes
License: None
Platform: Windows
Type: IDE, Sound Editor
Localization: English
Website: (


Part of Joakim Möller and Gustaf Wennerholm's Visual AGI IDE. Around 2002 the Visual AGI project was started to create new AGI suite in C#, advanced by releasing separate components, yet it was never completed but the source code and two components, picture and sound editor are available for download.

Extract from Visual AGI's homepage:

Visual AGI is a project started by Joakim Möller and Gustaf Wennerholm. Our goal is to provide an integrated development environment for creating games for the Sierra AGI interpreter. It will be written for the .NET framework in C# as a project to learn .NET.

Note, may require the Microsoft Active Accessibility to be installed.

Sound editor

Tracker-stylish composing software Visual AGI Sound Editor BETA 8, offered ability to edit three voice tracks and one noise with similar approach like e.g. FastTracker_2 Fast Tracker.




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