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In the Future

by Nick Sonneveld

Last Updated 4th March, 2002


Sndt mb.png
There are a few new developments in the sound area of AGI development. These include a new editor, new tools, and umm.. another editor. Not that I have a problem with this since people prefer whatever development tool that suits their working habits. As long as they have different interfaces, there shouldn't be a problem with having two different editors.

Quotes from MegaTokyo AGI Messageboard

Joel McCormick (check name) - Creating new staff-based sound editor:

I'm thinking about working on a staff-based sound editor. Actually, I'm thinking more along the lines of a full-fledged AGI Sound Studio kind of thing that will probably not only allow direct editing of AGI Sound resources but also provide menu items to run the converters.

I've sort of already started. I've got code that can correctly print out the names of the notes (in text format, I'm going to hold off on graphical representations until I work out all the math) for a sound resource, along with the correct durations of those notes in 60ths of a second.

I'm not going for excessive objectives. Unlike my other utilities I've released, I'm writing this one with straight Windows API instead of MFC so it will be easier to release the source code so other people can add to it. If I get anywhere with this, I'll let you guys know. At the moment, I think I'm going to work on getting it so that it can print out musical notation for existing sound resources, then I'll worry about editing (or let somebody else worry about it).

Joakim Möller - separating the sound editor from Visual AGI:

It seems to me that the sound part is the one single most wanted feature. I've started to wonder if I perhaps should, for the moment, break out the sound editor of Visual AGI and finish it while the rest is asleep, so that we have a nice sound editor at least.

I will not add staff editing to it though, because I feel that using staff editing does not really work for AGI resources. But, I have started coding on a piano roll editor, which for some perhaps is easier than using the current tracker style. I'll see what comes of that.

Nick Sonneveld (me) - working on small tools for sound, hopefully for integration as helper tools for AGI Studio. Also this sound tutorial.

All these people have other projects as well (like uni, other games, other tools, life, stuff like that). Working on sound for AGI is probably not top priority.


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