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Groza (Thunderstorm)


Groza Title Screen

Release Date: 1991
Project Status: Completed
Developer(s): Alex Simkin, Serge Lapin - Interp Software
Publisher: Alex Simkin, Serge Lapin - Interp Software
Designer(s): Alex Simkin, Serge Lapin - Interp Software
Source Available: 
Category: Full Release
Genre: Add Company
Engine: AGI2
Platform: MS-DOS
Localization: Russian


Groza is a Russian sample AGI educational program about the formation of a storm. It was developed using the first fan made AGI IDE Adventure Game Design System. Groza uses interpreter version 2.440.


GrozaSS1.png GrozaSS4.png




The Making of Groza (Thunderstorm) Educational Program

From the author of Groza.

"I want to tell you how we made this program using the Adventure Game Design System package we bought because, in my option, just reading the package's manual is not enough to create your own programs. In this story I will try to point out to you the causes of difficulties we had, tell how we made that program, how we used the utilities from the package, and how, in my opinion, you have to approach writing such programs. But in order to understand this story you have to have to at least skim through the manual.

"So, you bought the package and read the manual. Probably, you don't have a feeling you can start coding right away. I didn't -- however the manual you receive with the package now has been updated based on my experience of using the product. Anyway, now is the time for you to read on.

"It is possible that, having read the manual, you ask yourself a question, Can I master the package in a short enough time to create my own program? This is why a bit about myself. I have eleven years of programming experience, however my experience has never had anything to do with game or education programs development -- most probably, just like yours. I have always been wondering how programs like these are created, and I suspected that they require specialized tools and experience in that kind of programming. Probably, the developers are not quite regular programmers. This is all true. But I should say that in order to create a fairly simple educational program, like Thunderstorm, it is enough to have experience with at least one high-level language, a personal computer, AGDS package, and enough time and desire to do that. But you will learn the package fairly quickly only of you have good programming skills and some experience of using IBM PC."


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