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* [[Sierra Made Game]]
* [[Sierra Made Game]]
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===[[AGI Resources]]===
===[[AGI Resources]]===

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Welcome to the AGI Wiki, an online database of everything to do with Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter.

Welcome to the AGI Programmers Wiki.

A Wiki for the AGI Programming Community. AGI is the game engine created by Sierra On-line. It was succeeded by Sierra's SCI engine. It was used to create such games as King's Quest to III, Space Quest I & II, Police Quest I and Leisure Suit Larry 1. With the availability of such tools as AGI Studio and WinAGI, you can create your own games based on the same engine that Sierra used. This Wiki is a knowledgebase and collection of resources for those working with AGI. Additional help can always be found on the SCI Programming Community Message Board. For help with Sierra's games, see The Sierra Help Pages.


Getting started

No registration is required to use this Wiki, however, You must request an account to add or edit pages. Contact Collector on the SCI Programming Community Message Board or The Sierra Help Pages Forums if you wish to contribute.



Please familiarize yourself with MediaWiki formatting before adding or editing pages. See the Notes for Editors page for AGI Wiki standards and news.


Where to Start

New here? Please take the time to visit the Community Portal, which contains useful links for AGI and the AGI Wiki.

Links for additional help and resources for help for your AGI needs.

SCI Programming.com http://sciprogramming.com

AGI Programming.com message boards http://sciprogramming.com/community/
AGI Tools on SCI Programming.com http://sciprogramming.com/agitools.php
AGI fan games http://sciprogramming.com/fangames.php

AGI ************************** Studio on SourceForge http://scistudio.sourceforge.net/
AGI Tools on the Sierra Help Pages http://www.agi.sierrahelp.com/Tools/AGITools.html